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Finnish innovator in healthcare technology

Axitare gives more vitality

Axitare Ltd is a fully Finnish health technology company that was founded in 2017. Axitare is an operator and developer in the healthcare technology sector, whose experts together have decades of experience in home care cooperation. The strengths of our team members complement each other, creating innovative healthcare technology solutions. Our staff includes both IT solution development professionals and experts of elderly home care.

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Axitare’s story

The main idea behind Axitare’s medication dispenser with alarm was the desire to create a genuinely easy-to-use medicine dispenser for elderly people living at home.

The founder of Axitare had previously innovated the successful meal preparation and service machine that made serving home meals easier and safer for the elderly living at home. He saw it as an opportunity to apply the same principle to the medical treatment service, and so the idea of Axitare was born.

In 2017, Axitare began cooperation with the wellbeing services county of South Karelia (Eksote) to create a new type of solution for medical care. The South Karelia wellbeing services county had already been satisfied with the meal preparation and service machine, which is also a product originally innovated and developed by the founder of Axitare.  On the basis of the established trust, cooperation began for the development of a medication dispenser.

This started a very practical introduction period, during which Axitare’s designers toured with Eksote’s home care, familiarising themselves with home care practices and medication distribution. On the basis of practical observations, the design of a truly user-friendly and easy-to-use medication dispenser began.

The third version of the device was accepted by the home care team, and it is still in use today.

Teknologia hoitotyössä auttaa säästämään hoitajien aikaa ihmisten kohtaamiseen.

An innovation genuinely developed for the customers’ needs

At Axitare, we are sincerely proud that we have been able to develop a service that has been designed based on our customers’ needs. It is the result of listening and understanding the customers’ needs as well as high-quality technological development.

We have succeeded in developing the only device in Europe that serves medicines in an easy medicine cup. This way, the customer does not have to open any medicine packages or bags themselves. Also, the customer does not have to press a single button – they just have to grab the medicine cup from the dispenser and take the dispensed medicines.

Our clients

Our dispensers can already be found in more than 2,000 homes, making everyday life easier and safer. Here you can see our clients who already offer our services to their own customers.

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We are a fully Finnish company

Axitare is a fully Finnish health technology company with its own equipment manufacturing and technical support located in Helsinki.

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