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Safe medical treatment for elderly home care

As part of services supporting elderly home care

Medication only helps when it's taken. In addition, the medicine should be taken at the right time and at the right dosage. Axitare’s automated medicine dispenser brings peace of mind to the home care customer themselves, their relatives and the home care nurses.

Safe medical treatment is the foundation of well-being

Safe medical treatment can require a lot of precision from both the person giving the medicine and the person taking it. Axitare’s automatic medicine dispenser is a modern health technology solution that always serves medicines reliably and on time. This way, the device ensures safe medical care.

I don’t need to worry at all about whether my mother will get the medicines she needs on time.

– Family member

”We have been very pleased with the Axitare automatic medication dispenser. Our loved one needs to go to the hospital less often as they get the right medicines at the right time. They now feel better than before the introduction of the automatic medication dispenser."

– Family member


Fewer time-bound visits

A home care worker’s working day can be very hectic and tightly scheduled. Medicines given at specific times of day increase the pressure to stay on schedule. However, if the administration of the medicine is outsourced to a medication dispensing device, the time spent performing these activities is removed from the carers. This also ensures the most optimal implementation of the customer’s medical care.

Utilising technology in home care frees time for care work

By introducing automatic medication dispensers, home care workers have more time to perform other types of care work tasks. At the same time, it is also easier to share work when, for example, a carer with a license to administer medication is not required to be present.

"With the help of the automatic medication dispenser, we prolong the customer’s independent life and help the customer to maintain their independence for longer."

– Director at home care, Päijät-Häme wellbeing services county

"Axitare’s automatic medication dispenser service has worked well.  The device has been reliable and the service has been both smooth and fast. ”

- Area Manager, Hanko, LUVN


Patient safety with real-time notifications

In addition to safe dosing, the dispenser monitors the intake of medication. If the medicine is not taken, an alarm will be sent immediately to the carer and, if desired, to the family member. In this case, the carer contacts the customer to check their situation.

At Axitare, we also continuously monitor the operation of our equipment and react to faults, if necessary. Our own service is available both remotely and, if necessary, in the customer location.

All medicines taken or not taken always leave a log entry, which ensures safe medical care for the customer.

Axitare is a fully Finnish company. The manufacturing of medicine dispensers and technical support is located in Helsinki.

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