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Full-service automatic medicine dispensing robot with alarm

Truly easy-to-use and hassle-free medicine dispensers for the elderly in home care

When it is time to take the medicine, the dispenser addresses the customer with their name and advises them to take the medicine. The device releases the familiar medicine cup, into which the medicines have been pre-dispensed. The cup is easy to grab from the device, and the medicines are ready to be taken.


No need to open bags of medicines

With age, dexterity may decrease, and some diseases also make it difficult to open different packages. When using Axitare’s electronic medicine dispenser, the customer does not need to open anything – the medicines are easily pre-dispensed into the medicine cups. The familiar medicine cups are the same cups commonly used in home care.

Easy-to-use automatic medicine dispenser

Lääkeannostelurobotti helpottaa lääkkeiden ottamista ja tekee siitä turvallista.
The dispenser can fit 48 doses at a time.
It takes 10–20 minutes for the carer to fill the dispenser.
Medicines can be dispensed from pharmacy or dose dispensing packages.
Liquid and powdered medicines can also be filled into the automatic dispenser.
The dispenser can serve fixed-term medication and medication that is taken when necessary, such as painkillers.
The automated dispenser can also dispense medication for a certain number of days when going on a trip.
The drug dispenser has a battery that lasts about 24 hours in case its power supply is interrupted.

No need to press buttons – just grab the medicine cup from the device

There is only one button on the automatic dispenser. It is used when the carer or relative fills the dispenser with new doses of medication. The customer does not need to press the button when using the device. However, if they do press the round blue button on the front panel of the device, the device tells them in a gentle voice what day it is, what time it is, and when the next dose of medicine is to be taken.

Customer support every day of the year

Axitare’s customer service team assists carers in matters related to the use of the device every day of the year from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. We’re just a phone call away.

Remotely controlled medicine dispensing over a video connection

It is possible to connect controlled drug administration as a remote functionality to Axitare’s automated medication dispensing system. This may be necessary, for example, to ensure that a customer with memory problems takes their medication.

In this case, a screen transmitting video footage is installed in connection with the device, through which the carer will be able to monitor the customer’s medication intake from their own workstation.

Humane medicine dispensing robot

Our medicine dispenser has the characteristics of a talking robot. It speaks to the customer in the customer’s own mother language and addresses the customer with their first name. However, the robot does not sound like a harsh medicine robot, but a gentle and humane care partner.

Our technical support monitors bug reports remotely

The medicine dispensers are connected to the remote care system used by carers and relatives via a wireless network. At the same time, our technical support monitors the operation of the devices in real time. For example, if the power supply of the device is disturbed, an alarm will immediately be sent to the carer and, if desired, to the relatives.

In a prolonged situation, Axitare also receives a notification and closely monitors the situation. If necessary, we can contact the home care staff.

We continuously monitor other functions of the device as well, such as battery life. If the battery power seems to be reduced, we immediately react to the situation and, if necessary, deliver a new replacement device.

In situations requiring maintenance, we are able to solve 90% of cases remotely.

Finnish equipment manufacturing and maintenance

Axitare’s locked medication dispenser robot is a completely Finnish innovation, and the devices are manufactured in our own premises in Helsinki.

Our service is also located in the same premises. When the dispenser is returned to Axitare, it is refurbished to match a new one and released for use again.

We invest in lasting materials and design in our devices.

Axitare is a fully Finnish company. The manufacturing of medicine dispensers and technical support is located in Helsinki.

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